ios 14 beta profile

iOS 14 Beta Profile

iOS 14 Beta Profile Download, here’s how to download the Beta Profile to immediately install iOS 14 Beta on iPhone, iPad, iPod. Download iOS 14 Beta Profile.

Do you want to download and install iOS 14 Beta immediately on your iPhone, iPod, iPad?

Do you want to try all the iOS 14 Beta news on your Apple device now?

You are in the right place!

Thanks to the Beta Profile of iOS14 it is possible to download the new operating system on all compatible iPhones, iPods and iPads in one click, directly from the device, without going through a Mac or Windows computer.

In the past, with the first release of iOS 14 Beta, to download and install this operating system it was necessary:

or be a developer, and then pay for Apple’s annual subscription
or follow a rather long and complex guide that required you to lean on a Windows or Mac computer

With the release of the iOS 14 Beta Profile, however, things change completely. Simply download a small file on your iPhone, iPod or iPad to download and install iOS 14 Beta immediately.

So let’s not get lost in chatter, let’s see immediately how to proceed to download the new Apple operating system.

Download iOS 14 Beta with Beta Profile

IMPORTANT: iOS 14 is still in Beta phase, so bugs and problems are on the agenda. Install it at your own risk, aware of the fact that you are installing an OS that is still unstable and full of various problems.

Make a backup for safety before proceeding!

Now just follow these simple and quick steps:

  • from your iOS device, open Safari and go HERE
  • download the file and install the profile (from iOS Settings)
  • restart your iOS device
  • go to Settings and look for software updates
  • you will find the download of iOS 14 Beta
  • start the download and wait for the end
  • install the update
  • enjoy iOS 14 Beta


How to install iOS 14 beta

Here is the video guide I made to help you in the procedure:

Here we go, we’re done.

Were you able to install iOS 14 Beta following our instructions? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

And also let us know what you think of iOS 14 Beta.

iOS 14 Supported Devices

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