Mastering the Art of Typing on iOS with These Keyboard Tricks

Mastering the Art of Typing on iOS with These Keyboard Tricks. The iOS keyboard is a staple of daily interaction with iPhones and iPads, serving as the primary tool for communication and data entry. Over the years, Apple has introduced a variety of hidden features and shortcuts designed to enhance typing efficiency and accuracy. This article explores these keyboard tricks, offering users of all skill levels the opportunity to master the art of typing on iOS.

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Typing on a touchscreen keyboard was once considered a compromise compared to physical keyboards. However, advancements in technology and thoughtful design by iOS have turned it into a fast, accurate, and efficient way to communicate. From quick text selection to custom shortcuts, the iOS keyboard hides a wealth of features waiting to be discovered. This guide will unveil these tricks, transforming your typing experience on iOS.

Utilizing QuickType and Predictive Text

  • Leveraging Predictive Text: How to use iOS’s Predictive Text feature to speed up typing by accepting suggested words.
  • Customizing Predictive Text: Tips for personalizing Predictive Text to better suit your vocabulary and typing habits.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Text Replacement

  • Setting Up Text Replacement: Creating shortcuts for frequently used phrases to save time while typing.
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts: A look at built-in shortcuts and how to create custom ones for more efficient typing.

Gesture Typing and One-Handed Keyboard

  • Swipe Typing with QuickPath: How to use QuickPath for swipe typing, allowing for faster text input without lifting your finger.
  • Activating One-Handed Keyboard: Adjusting the keyboard for one-handed use, making it easier to type with one hand on larger devices.

Advanced Text Selection and Editing

  • Quick Text Selection Tricks: Techniques for selecting text more accurately and quickly using tap and swipe gestures.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing: Keyboard shortcuts that can speed up text editing, such as copy, paste, and undo.

Keyboard Customization and Accessibility

  • Changing Keyboard Layout and Language: How to add and switch between different keyboard languages and layouts.
  • Accessibility Features for Typing: Exploring iOS’s accessibility features that aid typing, like Voice Control and AssistiveTouch.

Typing with External Keyboards

  • Pairing and Using Bluetooth Keyboards: Tips for connecting external Bluetooth keyboards to your iOS device for a traditional typing experience.
  • Shortcut Keys on External Keyboards: Utilizing shortcut keys on external keyboards to enhance productivity in iOS.


The iOS keyboard is much more than a simple input device; it’s a sophisticated tool equipped with numerous features designed to make typing faster, more accurate, and more enjoyable. By mastering these keyboard tricks, iOS users can significantly enhance their typing efficiency, making every tap and swipe count.

Elevate Your iOS Typing Skills

Embrace these keyboard tricks to revolutionize your typing experience on iOS. Whether drafting an email, composing a message, or jotting down notes, these tips will help you type with confidence and speed. Share your favorite iOS keyboard tricks and discover new ways to streamline your typing process.

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